Making an investment to get good, quality financial advice will pay off when sellers put their business on the market, say experts. However, despite benefits provided by financial advisory specialists, most business owners don’t retain such specialists, consequently leaving money on the table.

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High Time: Arizona Business Magazine


It’s imperative to learn how to receive prompt payment from clients. Not getting paid on time can lead to cash flow problems and can hurt your business’s operating capacity.

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Get Paid Faster: Lowe’s

Participating in online training can be one of the easiest decisions you make. Here’s what’s out there for your industry.

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Find Online Training: Lowe’s

Tax season is creeping up, and there are numerous ways to save money and get the most out of your returns. Here are a few—including real estate, leasing and employees—to get you started.

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Start Thinking About Taxes: Lowe’s

Once thought to be limited to larger companies, bite-sized businesses are increasingly striking merger and acquisition deals.

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Acquisitions and Mergers: Not Just for the Big Boys: Phoenix Chamber of Commerce’s “Impact”

Despite looming deadlines and unresolved details, there’s little agreement. The group has reached an impasse.

The solution to this situation? Learn how to advantageously utilize diverse viewpoints, suggest experts.

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Collaboration: USAA

In the days when doctors were deities and patients didn’t dare question their expertise, the U.S. Surgeon General’s announcement linking tobacco with health hazards caused a clamor.

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Selling Change: Social Marketing: St. Luke’s Health Initiatives

Relishing the Rewards: Thunderbird School of Global Management

Pursuing profits is no longer Fred Bollerer’s top priority “My primary role today is to prove that you can take an investment approach to putting money into nonprofts and receive a social return,” says the former president and CEO of Riggs National Bank in Washington, D.C.

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