I help businesses communicate more effectively to employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Efficiently interviewing executives and other subject matter experts, I interact seamlessly with clients/customers and internal teams. With results-driven writing aimed at targeted readers, I can strengthen your company’s image, voice and message through:

  1. advertorials

  2. annual reports

  3. bios/profiles

  4. business letters

  5. brochures

  6. corporate image pieces

  1. press releases/kits

  2. profiles

  3. public relations materials

  4. speeches

  5. trade articles

  6. website content

  1. customer case studies

  2. fact sheets

  3. ghostwriting for executives

  4. feature/news articles

  5. internal/external newsletters

  6. marketing materials

Demystifying diagnoses, treatments and studies for consumers, I write about tough topics like neuroscience, biotechnology, genetics and stem cell research, also covering conditions like cancer, allergies, heart disease and infertility. If you’re a public relations, marketing professional or editor for science, medical or health information, you know conveying complex concepts clearly and accurately is a necessity. With a 20-plus year track record of interviewing scientists, physicians, clinicians, hospital administrators and patients, I deliver factual and highly readable projects on deadline. Highlights:

  1. Helped launch national family health magazine

  2. Public relations. corporate communications and media relations for five-facility hospital system, producing medical staff newsletters, employee publications and internal/external materials

  3. Editor/writer for magazine of internationally renowned neuroscience institute.

Sharing space for six years with dozens of Sonoran Desert species in Arizona deepened my passion for wildlife. Helping hone my animal-observation and wildlife-writing skills: Close-range eyeballing a pair of Harris’ Hawks mating, then following the family of four next season. Daily backyard viewings also included a bobcat living on my home-office roof for a year, a javelina herd, two coyote packs, toads, cottontails, quail, doves, cardinals, hummingbirds, cactus wrens, rattlesnakes, woodpeckers, roadrunners, lizards, two Great Horned Owls, a Gila monster and visiting species. I approach writing about animals as an opportunity to help save wildlife and wild places by educating and inspiring readers. Whatever your organization’s goal - from protecting critical conservation programs to reversing the extinction crisis - I can help raise awareness of your mission through:

  1. annual/other reports

  2. conference collaterals

  3. documentary copy

  4. educational pieces

  5. e-newsletters

  6. fact sheets

  1. features

  2. fundraising publications

  3. news articles

  4. press releases/kits

  5. updates

  6. volunteer travel/other advisories

  1. summaries/overviews and narratives of research expeditions and other investigative studies/findings

  2. writing support for field work and special programs

Like all good writers, I’m comfortable covering a wide range of topics. Besides my specialties listed above, I’ve written about nutrition, spirituality, education, architecture, alumni, environment, nature, pets, lifestyle and more. 

email *** voice 602-604-0767 *** fax 602-604-0787

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