Pet Peeves: Phoenix Magazine

Handsomely engaging with mounds of glossy black fur, two-year-old Jack doesn’t appear menacing. His looks, however, are deceiving. The 60-pound Labrador retriever has bitten his owners three times. Expecting their first child, Mark and Annette are hoping pet therapy will prevent the unthinkable: The baby being bitten and Jack being euthanized.

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The Green Team: Arizona Business Magazine

At Charlie Popeck’s Phoenix office, lights are controlled by sunlight-measuring sensors that dim when it’s sunny and brighten on cloudy days. Other environmentally-friendly interior elements include recycled carpet tiles, movable walls, waterless urinals, an under-floor air system and furniture made from low volatile organic-compound wood products. Read full article here (PDF)

The Nature Conservancy: A newsletter sample:

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Leisure time is a luxury item for Bob Barker these days. “My social life is almost non-existent,” Barker relates. When he’s not giving away sleek sedans or Caribbean cruises on the Price is Right, you may find Barker speaking at press conferences, giving interviews like this one - or planning strategies to shut down the University of Southern California’s animal research facilities. Read full article here (PDF)

Animal Research: Bob Barker Feels Price Is Too High: Vim & Vigor

Smitten on the spot three decades ago, orchids still seduce Ronald Coleman. “Wild orchids continue to fascinate me because of their beauty, rarity, the thrill of the hunt and the challenge of photographing them,” says the author of The Wild Orchids of Arizona and New Mexico. Coleman’s book, which took nine years to complete, is the latest scientific work on wild orchis in Arizona and New Mexico.

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Put Parents at Ease: Sam’s Club

While separation anxiety among children has received widespread attention, parental panic can be just as pronounced. The good news: If you operate a childcare center, there’s lots you can do to ease apprehension among parents.

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Concepts: architectural client newsletter

If you’re counting on surveillance cameras, metal detectors and high-tech tools to cut campus crime, you’re overlooking a critical component: The design of your school’s building and grounds.

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Wild Orchids: Arizona Highways

Beyond the Basics:

Don’t stop with standard creature comforts. Consider unexpected pleasures to welcome guests.

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The New Urbanism: Arizona Business Magazine

Popular in many metropolitan areas, loft living is finally gaining ground in Greater Phoenix.

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Press release example: Entertainment Industry

Part of a press kit I wrote for annual arts festival.

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Bridging the Education Divide: Arizona State University

U.S. high school students trail students in Cyprus and South Africa on international math tests, and nearly a third of America’s college freshmen must take remedial courses before they can tackle regular college-level work. From all indications, little progress has been made in improving primary and secondary education in this country.

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