why I write

  1. First Place: Silver Quill Award of Excellence for Southwestern U.S., International Association of Business Communicators for general and human interest writing

  2. First Place: Arizona Press Club, Lifestyle Reporting 

  3. First Place: Arizona Press Club, General Reporting

  4. Gold Quill Award of Merit: International Association of Business Communicators, international competition for feature writing

Working on my first fiction book is liberating: Facts fly out the window and research isn’t required. A spiritual-fantasy of far-flung beings in distant dimensions, this collection of poetry, essays and short tales is woven together by a main storyline. Inspiration arises from belief in the impossible and evolvement towards the miraculous. Stay tuned.

the fiction factor


I love learning, which I’ve done by writing about topics like neuropsychology, urban wildlife, genetically prescribed nutritional profiles, leisure counseling and how songbirds are helping unravel human-hearing mysteries.

why work with me?

Equipped with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism from Arizona State University, I’m a self-starter with solid research, interviewing, reporting, storytelling, writing, fact-checking and editing skills. Experienced envisioning the big picture, I’m comfortable working independently or collaboratively. From scribbling stories in my mind to spilling them onto the screen, I take projects from conception to completion or can pick up pieces at any stage. Strengths:

  1. Uncovering obscure yet relevant information 

  2. Spotting trends

  3. Tracking down experts with fresh findings and perspectives

  4. Capturing compelling quotes and anecdotes to help humanize and shape stories

writing that resonates

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